AR James, PhD

Learning Strategist (Educator), Consultant, ASL Instructor/coach.
Dr. James has worked in various areas of education for close to thirty years. She holds degrees in Education and Teaching & Training. In addition, Dr. James is a certified hypnotist (since 2004) that focuses on dismantling barriers to learning and success. She has taught & coached hundreds of students/clients (including some celebrities) on how to navigate challenges in order to reach their fullest potential.

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ASL for Artistic Performances

Learn how you can use ASL in Artistic Performances.  1-hour Intro class.
July 28, 2020 6 pm - 7pm EST
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Essential Steps to Find your Alternate ASL Career Path

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From Mental Mess to Achieving Success!

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Success Strategies Coaching

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I took an online course with Dr James. I really enjoyed the course. It was interesting, engaging and extremely beneficial.  The course helped me to develop my skills so that I could work better with my students.
Thank you Dr. James!
R. Ba, Special Education Paraprofessional (USA)

Thank you for all of your efforts in creating your online courses! I am very excited to start the next level with you! May God bless you.
A. Rizk, Pharmacist (Egypt)

Dr. James is an awesome mentor/coach! When moving from primary and secondary education to collegiate, her varied years of experience in areas ranging from theatrical to education using ASL were invaluable in refining my ASL skills. Soft spoken, patience and extensive knowledge of ASL are hallmarks of Dr. James' teaching style.

P. Morris, Deaf/HH Teacher (USA)

If you’re reading this you’ve come to the best place to learn online. Learning with Dr. James has been a wonderful experience. If you take a course or coaching with her you will not regret it. I love how understanding, compassionate, and patient she is with her students. She takes time to get to know the areas you need work in and will always encourage you to do your best. I believe Dr. James is the best instructor out there. I have learned so much from her and I will continue to learn so much more. Thank you Dr. James! I’m glad to have such an amazing teacher who loves what she does!

M. McAlphine, University Student (USA)

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